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Tiffany Ho

Tiffany was a Graduate Student at Cornell University;

Now a Bioinformatics Technician at Embark Veterinary.

Why I am becoming a scientist


Growing up, I never had much interest in biology. I was always more interested in my chemistry and physics classes than in my biology classes. I entered UC Davis as a chemical engineering major, but I quickly discovered that would not enjoy the work of a chemical engineer. I was an avid wrestler and had an interest in body mechanics, so I decided to switch majors to exercise biology, to pursue a career in physical therapy. But the more I thought about it, a career in physical therapy seemed boring. After a couple of years, all cases would become quite similar. So then I talked to my genetics professor, and he suggested that I look into bioinformatics. It seemed like an interesting field, and I liked how in research, new things are constantly being discovered. I ended up enjoying that greatly, so much that I am now pursuing a graduate degree at Cornell.

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