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Careers in Science


There are many fascinating careers in science! Below are some of the positions of our team members, and other possible careers options.

Read biographies of some of the people in our group that describe how they became a scientist.

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Positions of our team members:

Principal investigator (PI): this position typically requires a PhD degree and quite a bit of experience, and leads a group of researchers, writes proposals for funding and publications. Read more about our PIs.


Post-doctoral associate: This is a person who has completed their Ph.D. but would like more training while they look for a more permanent job. It is usually a one- or two year position. Read about our Postdoctoral Associates.


Graduate student: A person working on their Ph.D. or MS degree. Read about our graduate students.


Many other types of jobs help support our project. These include Computer Programmers, Research Associates, Laboratory Technicians, Field and/or greenhouse technicians, and administrative assistance. See more about our Staff.

Other careers in science, including the college degrees required.

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