For Teachers


In collaboration with the Paleontological Research Institution's Museum of the Earth, we developed the Teacher-Friendly Guide to the Evolution of Maize. The TFG is designed to provide teachers with the background information needed to teach evolution, using maize as an example.


We also have a traveling science museum exhibit.


We hope to encourage young people to consider a career in science. Also see our women in science page.


See the National Science Foundation video "Secrets of Plant Genomes Revealed!" starring some of our project members.


Bill Gates visited our group and others at Cornell University and wrote about it, including a video: The Love Life of Plants


Useful Links:


Weed to Wonder: How humans changed corn and how corn changed human society

UC Berkeley Understanding Evolution

DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor



Panzea was funded by the National Science Foundation, Plant Genome Research Project, award #1238014: “The Biology of Rare Alleles in Maize and Its Wild Relatives”; the research groups on this project were also supported by the USDA-ARS, their home institutions, and/or various other sources of funding.