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Terry Casstevens

Lead Software Architect

Contact Information:

175 Biotechnology Bldg.

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853




Terry leads the software efforts of the Buckler Lab at Cornell University.  Focusing on the TASSEL software including the GBS Pipeline. Terry started working with Dr. Buckler at North Carolina State University in 2001, and still lives in North Carolina.

Why I became a Computer Scientist

I remember seeing a PC for the first time in my middle school math class.  PCs at that time were in low supply, and only stayed in a classroom for a few days. I barely touched it, as the whole class had to share it.  It’s hard to explain how that brief exposure ignited my passion for computers.  About a year later for Christmas, my parents bought me a Tandy Color Computer from Radio Shack, which I still have.  Throughout High School, I spent many hours learning BASIC and Assembly Language.  There was no question that I would study computer programming in college.  I received a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.  After spending several years struggling to understand programming on my own, it was extremely exciting to have college professors teaching it to me. I worked at Nortel Networks, as a co-op in college, and at IBM after graduating.

It’s a pleasure working with Dr. Buckler and many other intelligent folks developing software to further Maize research. This is very interesting, rewarding, and challenging work learning about genetics. It’s great interacting with highly motivated people, in efforts to help make the world a better place.


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