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Shang Xue

Graduate Student

Contact Information:

North Carolina State University

1238 Williams Hall
Campus Box 7620
Raleigh, NC 27695-7620

Shang Xue is a P.hD. student at North Carolina State University, and her major is bioinformatics.  She had a biological science bachelor’s degree in China. After coming to America, she learned more statistics and SAS/R programming. She is interested in doing genome wide association study and she hope to bring new methods to this area.

Why I love my job
When I was an undergraduate student in Shandong University, I was curious what knowledge learned in class can be applied in research. Under this curiosity, I got involved in one of those undergraduate project and guided under one bioinformatics advisor. Back then I was impressed by the power of computers in dealing with large data set. When I wrote a script and process thousands/millions of data, I feel the data processing is one kind of beauty. So I am always be happy to learn new techniques and algorithms that make scripts run effectively.

Statistics and programming are like bone and spirit, putting them together makes a live person. I like to use these tools to solve problems, especially make sense out of large data set. I am actively leaning Java and more statistics now. In the future, I hope to bring a little more to genomic research area.

2012-present, P.hD.  Bioinformatics, North Carolina State University
2008-2012 B. Sc  Biological Science, Shandong Univeristy






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