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Kate Guill

Technician: now in Tim Beissinger's lab at University of Missouri

Contact Information:


University of Missouri

Columbia, MO 65211



Project role – ‘wet’ bench and field assistant

Why I like doing what I’m doing

All aspects of science, be it physics and chemistry, human anatomy or the natural world as a whole, have always been a draw for me.  My undergraduate degree was more of a liberal arts degree in science because of the variety of classwork.  I learned how to sequence when I was an undergraduate and at the time, that was actually somewhat of a rare skill.  That skill was an asset that made me standout when applying for jobs.  I still am involved in sequencing genomes, though the technology has changed considerably.  As a laboratory technician ( some people call them bench or wet bench scientists as they work with tools, solutions, ‘getting hands dirty’ with the plants we use for research), I get to train graduate students in the ways of bench science.  Basically, how to play well with a diversity of others, and how to do sound science safely are the main objectives.  Meeting people and helping them see the way to their future is satisfying.  I also get to ‘get my feet dirty’ for this job. Field work for me is almost icing on the cake, I get to go outside, do science with corn and THEY PAY ME FOR IT!!


Education – BSc, biology Kansas State University


(photo above: Lady Winston)



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