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Biology of Rare Alleles in Maize and its Wild Relatives

(formerly 'Genetic Architecture of Maize and Teosinte', aka 'The Maize Diversity Project')
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COMING SOON (Summer 2014): Panzea website facelift, with more focus on public & educational information, data reorganized into fewer, cleaner sets, and more integration with Maize GDB.

Access bam files containing HapMapV2 sequence reads aligned to B73 RefgenV2 from the iPlant Data Store

Retrieve genotypes from large-scale datasets (HapMapV1 & V2, 50K SNP chip, 1106 NAM SNPs) in a chromosomal region of interest for subsets of lines or RILs

Download complete data sets including:
 Public NAM and Maize282 phenotypes
 Preliminary GBS genotypes
 Maize HapMapV3 genotypes
 Maize HapMapV2 genotypes
 Maize HapMapV1 genotypes
 NAM map and genotypes
 Raw sequencing data for CML247(130X coverage)
 Sequencing data in NCBI SRA

Launch TASSEL with Maize HapMap v1 genotypes

BLAST against the B73 RefGen_v1 or v2 genome

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